Step One

Step One: Create the Vision

Step One is called “Create the Vision.”

This step is about finding the authentic you, by identifying what you value, articulating your deepest aspirations, knowing who you care about, and defining what you want to do and where you want to make your impact.  It is about:

  • Integrity – personal wholeness and wellness and knowing who you are, unique in all the world.
  • Discovering your calling, your life purpose, based on what you care about most – and what brings you the most joy.
  • Discerning needs from wants and ultimately identifying what you most value so you can act from there.

In this step, you may finally begin to answer the question “why am I here?”

We utilize exercises designed to help you master your sense of integrity and uncover your fundamental values so you can act from the solid foundation of who you truly are.  We look back over your whole life, and help you discover what you uniquely bring to the world, to help you better see your life path going forward.

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